Eva Solo Stainless Steel Pot with Ceramic Coating



不鏽鋼鍋具有三種尺寸,可與現有的Eva Trio鍋蓋搭配使用。讓每一位喜愛做菜的人,都可以在Eva Solo找到最佳的烹飪工具。


  • 為不鏽鋼打造,輕巧加熱快。
  • 内部陶瓷塗層,可承受高達400°C的溫度。
  • 可放洗碗機。
  • 不鏽鋼系列適用於:燉肉,湯類,粥類,意大利麵,馬鈴薯和蔬菜。
  • Designed in Denmark

– 尺寸:4.8L款(圓直徑20cm), 3.6L款(圓直徑24cm),2.2L款(圓直徑16cm)

The pots combine a stainless steel look with a practical ceramic coating for a stringent design line in the kitchen without the risk of food sticking when cooking. The design builds on the original Ole Palsby/Eva Trio concept from 1977, but now features a ceramic coating on the inside that withstands temperatures as high as 400°C. The new pot is available in three different sizes that match the existing Eva Trio lids. The Stainless steel series is good for: ragouts, soups, porridge, pasta, potatoes and vegetables.