[Fellow] Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle (0.9L)


Introducing Stagg EKG Pro, a game-changing evolution to FELLOW's signature pour-over kettle. With fully customizable brew settings, precision temperature and pouring control, and access to powerful updates over WiFi, it’s time to go Pro. 

There are 4 modern colors to choose from. The adjustable settings include: schedule, Guide mode, altitude, adjustable hold mode, chime + volume control, units, pre-boil, language, clock, wifi. Use the high resolution full color screen to access a stacked menu of features to perfect your brew.

- Size: L 11.1" x W 6.77" x H 7.7" (0.9L), Cord length 2.5 ft
- Material: 304 Stainless steel, Plastic handle and lid pull, Optional wooden handle
- Designed in USA
- Notes: 

  • Power 110-120V | 1000-1200W | 50-60Hz 
  • Temperature range: 40°C-100°C
  • Do not boil when it is empty, the minimum water level is 330ml
  • Please keep the base dry, and do not turn on the power when it is wet

新一代 電子溫控手沖壺

FELLOW 的EKG 電子溫控手沖壺,具有極緻簡約的外觀同時兼具功能實用性,更是咖啡職人的御用手沖壺。此新一代更專業的 Pro 系列,絕對是一個顛覆性的改進。憑藉LCD 全彩菜單屏幕、可完全客制的設置、準確的溫度控制、精密的傾倒口、60分鐘恆溫設計、以及强大的WiFi更新,Pro 將帶給你全新的沖調體驗,令杯中的咖啡變得更加完美! 4款美學顔色,小巧簡單的底座,即使在沒有使用的時候也是家裏的一道美麗風景線!

- 尺寸:L 11.1" x W 6.77" x H 7.7" (0.9L),  電線長度 2.5 ft
- 材質:304 不鏽鋼(壺表面耐火漆處理)、尼龍或木把手
- 產地:美國設計
- 注意事項:

  • 規格:110-120V | 1000-1200W | 50-60Hz 
  • 可溫控範圍:40 - 100 攝氏度
  • 請勿乾燒,最低水位 330ml
  • 壺身及底座請保持乾燥,潮濕時請勿通電