Midas Plus Pink 7-Piece Cookware Set


This Midas Plus 7-piece cookware set is one of the Neoflam best sellers and can meet all your daily cooking needs. The soft pink color adds a warm and elegant element to the kitchen. It uses patented non-toxic ecolon ceramic coating, which provides superior nonstick performance and high heat conductivity. The fully detachable, double locking handle design makes the cooking and storage even more easier. Midas Plus cookware is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean, perfect for fast cooking. 

- Size:
Saucepan Φ 20 x H 9.5 cm (2.6 L)
Frying Pan Φ 24 x H 5.5 cm (1.9 L)
Wok Φ 26 x H 8 cm (3.1 L)
Detachable Handle L 18 cm
Glass Lid Φ 20 x H 3 cm
Plastic Lid Φ 24 x H 0.6 cm, Φ 26 x H 0.6 cm

- Material: Special alloy containing titanium with ceramic coating, Tempered glass, Silicone, Wood, PE
- Made in China (owned by Neoflam)
- Notes:
  • Compatible with electric, radiant, IH cooker, and gas stove top.
  • Pot body is dishwasher and oven safe. 
  • No microwave.
  • PFC-free, PFOA-free, PFOS-free, PTFE-free, Lead-free
  • For best results, do not use abrasive cleaners, do not excessively preheat empty cookware. 


FIKA 陶瓷塗層鍋 7 件組可說是品牌最熱賣的系列,組合含湯鍋、平底鍋、炒鍋、可拆式把手、玻璃蓋及 PE 蓋,滿足日常的所有烹飪需求。Neoflam 獨家研發的專利陶瓷塗層,在料理過程不會產生有毒物質,對環境及人體皆無害,而且導熱快速、不沾鍋、好清洗、完全不挑爐具,讓你下厨更輕鬆。特殊可拆式把手,單手一扣就能便捷更換鍋具,這樣的設計不僅在收納上更簡單,也可以把鍋子直接放入烤箱使用,不受把手體積的限制。

- 尺寸:
湯鍋 Φ 20 x H 9.5 cm (2.6 L)
平底鍋 Φ 24 x H 5.5 cm (1.9 L)
炒鍋 Φ 26 x H 8 cm (3.1 L)
可拆式把手 L 18 cm
矽膠玻璃鍋蓋 Φ 20 x H 3 cm
搭扣式PE蓋 Φ 24 x H 0.6 cm, Φ 26 x H 0.6 cm

- 材質:
鍋身 | 特殊合金含鈦,陶瓷噴塗
鍋蓋 | 強化玻璃、矽膠、槐木、PE
可拆式手把 | 電木、矽膠

- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:

  • 適用於瓦斯爐、電爐、電磁爐,鍋身可放洗碗機、烤箱
  • 微波爐不可用
  • 烹煮時,請勿安裝把手
  • 此鍋具導熱快速,建議先小火預熱30秒,然後使用中、小火即可,可節約能源
  • 不適用鐵刷及含金屬的菜瓜布,建議使用海綿或精緻鍋具專用菜瓜布清洗
  • 避免使用金屬湯勺,建議使用木勺或矽膠勺,可延長鍋具使用壽命