Filter-in Cold Brew Coffee Bottle


This special wine bottle shaped cold brew coffee bottle is one of the best sellers from Japan Hario. Comes with a filter, you can make iced coffee with just coffee grounds and water. Simply put the coffee powder in the strainer, put the lid on and set it in the spout, then pour water little by little. After pouring the water, it is ready to be extracted in the refrigerator for about 8 hours. You can gently shake the bottle left and right to promote extraction, and enjoy the coffee aroma. 

- Size: 8.7 x H 30 cm (650 ml)
- Material: Heat-resistant glass, Silicone rubber, Polypropylene
- Made in Japan
- Notes: No microwave


日本百年品牌HARIO,不僅連年獲的Good Design大賞,更是世界三大耐熱廠,此款冷泡咖啡壺,也是品牌最熱賣的明星商品之一。特殊的酒瓶造型設計,搭配細緻長型濾網,簡單放入咖啡粉並加水,放在冰箱靜置 8 小時後,就能品嘗到美味的冰滴咖啡。簡約有質感的瓶身,中看又中用,三步驟就能享受到咖啡豆最純粹的香味,咖啡愛好者一定要擁有!

- 尺寸:8.7 x H 30 cm (650 ml)
- 材質:耐熱玻璃、矽膠、PP樹脂
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:微波爐不可用