Foaming Beer Glass


Made of high quality "Fine Clear" soda glass, this beer glass not only maintains great strength and impact resistance, but also has excellent gloss and transparency. The special small frosted glass-like unevenness design on the inner surface of the glass creates fine and creamy bubbles, making beer more delicious. Available in two shapes, you can choose according to your preference.  

- Size: 8.8 x H 11.7 cm (310 ml)
- Material: Soda glass

- Made in Japan


日本東京的東洋佐佐木公司 (TOYO-SASAKI GLASS),是日本目前生產量和銷售量皆名列首位的玻璃器皿製造商,提供各種手工和機器製造的高品質玻璃器皿。

這款發泡啤酒杯,使用東洋佐佐木公司引以自豪的「Fine Clear」鈉鈣玻璃材質製成,不僅保有適當的強度和耐撞擊力,亮澤感與透明度也極佳,幾可媲美水晶玻璃。杯子內側附有一層如毛玻璃般的霧面凹凸紋路設計,將啤酒沿杯子内緣緩緩倒入後,經由摩擦作用便會形成綿密柔細的泡沫層,增添暢飲時的美味順口度,絕對是泡泡啤酒愛好者們的必備好物!共有兩款杯型, 開口V型順暢好入口,圓弧型能包覆飲品泡沫,大家可依據喜好選擇。

- 尺寸:8.8 x H 11.7 cm (3.5" Dia, 310 ml)
- 材質:鈉玻璃
- 產地:日本