Foldable Picnic Table - Black (2 baskets included)


Don’t want to carry those heavy tables and chairs for a picnic or camping party?

This foldable table will be your best choice. It is sturdy, multi-functional, and has large capacity. It not only can be extended to become a larger table, and also can be used as a food storage. It comes with a detachable wood board, which makes it fold and store easily. There are 2 colors available, with a carrying bag provided. This product can also be used as a home storage basket to store daily necessities. 


  • 2 foldable baskets, 1 detachable wood board and 1 carry bag.
  • Ventilation design to make the basket dry up quickly.
  • The surface is waterproof and heat resistant, easy to clean.
  • Detachable 18mm high-quality wood board, resistant to weight and deformation
  • Movable slide rail, easily slide about 6cm from left to right.

- Dimensions:

[when in use] W 34.9 x D 50.2 x H 26.5 cm

[when folded] W 34.9 x D 50.2 x H 5.8 cm

 - Capacity: 39L
- Material: Basket PP & solid wood board


  • Dimensions are all manually measured, and the error of ±2cm is within the normal range.
  • Natural solid wood all have different wood grains and colors.

 野餐摺疊收納桌2籃1板(附提袋 2件組)





  • 透氣孔置物通風,籃内不積水潮濕。
  • 表面有特殊漆面處理,防水耐熱,好清潔。
  • 可拆式18mm加厚實木桌板,耐重不變形。
  • 移動滑軌,免掀蓋立即取物,可跨至兩籃中間,左右滑動約6cm範圍。

- 尺寸:[使用時] W 34.9 x  D 50.2 x H 26.5 cm,[摺疊時] W 34.9 x D 50.2 x H 5.8 cm
- 容量:39L
- 材質:PP、實木桌板


  • 尺寸皆為人工測量,誤差±2cm屬正常範圍。
  • 天然實木皆有不同的木紋及色澤,此為自然現象請安心使用。