Glass Lid for Fujihoro Oven Containers


Made of tempered glass, this lid is designed to use together with the Fujihoro oven dish containers. With this lid, you can clearly see the cooking process. It helps heat up faster and lock in moisture to cook out delicious and juicy dishes. The exclusive vent design can effectively release the extra steam and balance the internal and external pressure to prevent the soup from spilling out. Available in two sizes, this glass lid fits the best for the oven dish series containers with handles.  

- Size: 
Rectangular (1.6L container) L 23 x W 16.5 x H 6 cm
Square (1.8L container) L 19.8 x W 19.8 x H 6 cm

- Material: Tempered glass, Bakelite, 304 Stainless steel
- Notes: 

  • The lid is dishwasher safe, on top rack. 
  • It is an exclusive accessory for Fujihoro containers. Do not use it with other brands or for other purposes.
  • After remove the handle for cleaning, be sure to follow the instruction and install them back completely.
  • The tempered glass lid is not heat-resistant, so no microwave or oven. 
  • Avoid rinsing with cold water immediately after heating at high temperature to cause breakage due to sudden temperature changes. 
  • Wash with neutral detergent and sponge, and dry it thoroughly before storing.

琺瑯保鮮盒玻璃蓋 (雙耳烘焙盒專用)


- 尺寸:
長形 (適用於雙耳保鮮盒 1.6L) L 23 x W 16.5 x H 6 cm
方形 (適用於雙耳保鮮盒 1.8L) L 19.8 x W 19.8 x H 6 cm

- 材質:鋼化玻璃、電木、304 不鏽鋼
- 注意事項:
  • 玻璃蓋可放洗碗機上層。
  • 此商品為富士琺瑯保鮮盒專屬配件,勿使用於他牌商品或作為其他用途。
  • 如需將把手與玻璃蓋分別拆下清洗,務必依照說明書指示中的零件順序安裝完整,避免發生危險。
  • 此玻璃蓋為鋼化玻璃而非耐熱玻璃,切勿使用於烤箱或微波爐。
  • 避免高溫加熱後立即以冷水沖洗,以免溫度遽變化造成玻璃破裂。
  • 使用中性洗劑及海綿清洗,並確實陰乾後再收納。