Glass Tree Shape Vase


With a tree shape, this glass vase is attractive and decorative. You can put dry flowers and plants in it to create your own fashion. Available in four sizes, the transparent glass can better display the shapes and colors of the contents, adding a nice scenery at home. 

- Size: Mini 6 x H 10.5 cm, Small 7.5 x H 13 cm, Medium 10 x H 18 cm, Large 11.5 x H 21 cm
- Material: Heat-resistant glass
- Made in China



- 尺寸:迷你樹 6 x H 10.5 cm, 小樹 7.5 x H 13 cm, 中樹 10 x H 18 cm, 大樹 11.5 x H 21 cm
- 材質:耐熱玻璃
- 產地:中國