Golden Shape Sparkler Wand 8"


These golden sparklers are perfect for birthdays, graduation parties, anniversaries, New Year's Eve and holiday celebrations. They can be great cake toppers, gift wrapping adornments, or used to create sparkling wedding toasts. Available heart and star shapes, these sparklers will definitely add fun and joy to any occasion! 

- Size: W 2.8" x H 8"

- Made in USA

形狀煙花棒 (長)

美國高級百貨公司、奧斯卡、總統就職、迪士尼派對…,TOPS Malibu是各大國際活動指定使用的品牌,其煙花棒點燃後會像仙女棒一樣綻放,火花漂亮且持久,比一般傳統蠟燭更顯絢麗。此款愛心或星星形狀的煙花棒,無論生日、畢業、週年、除夕,各種歡慶場合都能派上用場,超可愛的字體與五光十射的效果,絕對吸引眼球,讓你留下超美好的紀念!

- 尺寸:W 2.8" x H 8" 
- 產地:美國