Hair Dissolver for Drains


This cleaner can effectively decompose invisible hair and dirt stuck in drain pipes, improve drainage, and eliminate bad odors and blockages. It can be applied to washstand, bathroom sink, bathtub, and toilet. It smells clean and flows smoothly after using it. 

- Contents: 20 g x 2 packets
- Material: Percarbonate, Carbonate, Silicate anionic surfactant
- Made in Japan
- How to use:

  1. Remove any hair that is present
  2. Gently and slowly pour this product into the drain
  3. Pour 200 ml of hot water (approximately 80°C)
  4. Wait for 8 hours, flush the water as usual (it is more effective when used before bedtime)

日本紀陽 排水管毛髮分解劑 2 入


- 尺寸:20 g / 包(一袋含 2 包)
- 材質:過碳酸鹽、碳酸鹽、矽酸鹽陰離子表面活性劑
- 產地:日本

- 使用方式:

  1. 先去除附著在排水口頂部的任何毛髮
  2. 將清洗劑輕輕緩慢地放入管中
  3. 加入 200 ml 的 80°C 熱水
  4. 於清洗劑倒入後八小時照常沖水(睡前使用效果更佳)