Hexagonal Wood Plate with Round Center - Cherry 7.8"


Chen's Wood has 90 years-old soul and passes this spirit to the third- generation. They extend the possibilities of engraving art and launch a series of unique yet elegant engraved wood tableware. Let the touch and softness of this wooden artwork warm up your space. Craftmanship could be a choice of your lifestyle.

This wood tray is made of Cherry. Perfect for displaying sandwiches, pasta, salads or roasted veggies. The food served on this art piece will absorb the energy from the craftsman and present their best appearance. 

Dimensions: 7.8" Dia (20x20x1.8 cm)

Coated with German Auro organic wood oil.

Use & Care

  • The wooden color will change upon use and slowly present itself in the way to the extent how you use it. It will bring warmth and joy to your daily life.
  • Not suggested for microwave, oven, and dishwasher.
  • Not suggested for the food with heavy smell and pigment, such Kimchi or Tumeric. 
  • Hand wash or wash with a soft sponge. A scouring pad or scrub brush is not suggested.
  • Clean with warm water or with a little detergent. Too much detergent will wash out the protection of the natural oil surface.
  • Do not soak the wood piece with water
  • Use a damp cloth to remove the water after wash and have it dry out at room temperature




尺寸: 20x20x1.8 cm


  • 木器會隨著使用產生色澤變化,漸漸的展現出沉穩舒適的氛圍,是充滿生命和溫度的日常好夥伴。陳彫刻處木食器都使用德國AURO天然無毒護木油保護,請放心使用。
  • 不可以放入微波爐、烤箱、洗碗機、烘碗機和曝曬於陽光下,以免造成彎曲變形或斷裂。
  • 木材為天然材質,纖維會吸附食物的味道及色素,請勿放置味道太重或顏色過深的食物。
  • 清洗時請用手或軟性海綿清洗,不可用鐵刷或菜瓜布刷洗,以免刮傷木器表面。
  • .以清水或少許清潔劑清洗,過度的清潔劑會帶走木器表層的油脂,減少保護力。
  • 若有過多的油脂殘留,可使用溫水去除油膩,但避免長時間浸泡於水中。
  • 清潔後用乾布擦拭並放在通風處自然陰乾