Tableware Cleanser


This is a semi-kneaded tableware cleanser made from pure soap and natural silica stone that is gentle on the environment and on the skin. It is antibacterial and cleanly removes water scale, burn marks, yellowing due to oil stains, tea stains. It can be widely used on tableware, cooking utensils and glassware, and give them a new look. 

- Size: 80 g
- Material: Ingredients abrasive (50%), Silicate mineral, Surfactant (10% pure soap), Calcined shell calcium
- Made in Japan
- Notes: Not suitable on lacquerware, wooden products, paper and leather products




- 尺寸:80 g
- 材質:研磨劑 50%、矽酸鹽礦物、界面活性劑(10% 純肥皂)、扇貝殼燒製鈣
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:本產品不適用在漆器、木製餐具、紙類、皮革製品等