Aluminium Yukihira Cooking Pot


A good cookware will upgrade your kitchen! This aluminum pot is lightweight, easy to clean, and quick to heat up. And it is perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks, from boiling vegetables to making soup. The special gold color brings a sense of nostalgia, and the natural wood single handle is traditional and also most popular. This beautiful pot can be used for daily cooking or dinner with friends. 


  • The uneven surface design increases the surface area and has strong thermal conductivity.
  • The thick aluminum plate makes the heat transfer evenly and completely.
  • Special anodized acid protective layer prevents the aluminum surface from corrosion.
  • Extended handle holder makes it not hot and not easy to burn.
  • Measurement scale shows the amount of ingredients.
  • Surface color is not easy to fade, which can keep its retro look forever.

- Size:
Small L 32.4 x W 17.6 x H 7 cm (16 cm / 6.5" Dia, 1.1 L )
Large L 34.8 x W 20.2 x H 8 cm (18 cm / 7.5" Dia, 1.6 L)

- Material: Aluminum, Anodized acid, Natural wood
- Made in Japan
- Notes: Gas stove only, not for IH cooker.

鋁製雪平鍋 16cm & 18cm



  • 鍋面不平整設計增加了表面積,導熱性強
  • 採用厚鋁板,熱量傳遞均勻且完整
  • 特殊陽極氧化鋁膜保護層,以防表面腐蝕,持久耐用
  • 加長手柄支架,不易燃燒,不燙手
  • 設有顯示食物量的刻度,方便使用
  • 不易褪色,可永久保留其複古外觀

- 尺寸:
小鍋 L 32.4 x W 17.6 x H 7 cm (16 cm / 6.5" Dia, 1.1 L )
大鍋 L 34.8 x W 20.2 x H 8 cm (18 cm / 7.5" Dia, 1.6 L)

- 材質:鋁,陽極氧化酸,天然木
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:瓦斯爐直火可用,電磁爐不可用