Iron Frying Pan 26cm


Made of high-quality iron, this frying pan has the heat capacity and strength necessary for cooking. It is lightweight by shaving the sides as much as possible, which is great for both home or outdoor use. There is no need for troublesome "frying and oiling". The more you use it, the more the oil will become familiar with it, making it less sticky and easier to use. The handle is made of natural oak wood, which is characterized by being very hard and resistant to moisture. It also comes with a gift box, making this an invincible pot with both beauty and function.

- Size: 26 cm (10" Dia, bottom 1.6 mm)
- Capacity: 2.2 L
- Material: Iron, Natural wood
- Made in Japan
- Notes: 
  • Gas stove and IH stove safe. No dishwasher, microwave or oven.
  • Please clean and dry immediately after use. Keep dry for storage. 
  • If there are rust spots, you can use sandpaper to remove them and apply a layer of cooking oil for maintenance.

26cm 鐵製平底煎鍋


- 尺寸:26 cm (直徑10", 底部厚度1.6 mm)
- 容量:2.2 L
- 材質:鐵 (表面陽極處理),天然木
- 產地:日本


  • 直火、IH電磁爐可用,洗碗機、微波爐、烤箱不可用。
  • 使用後請立即清潔、擦乾(可抹上一層食用油),並保持乾燥存放。
  • 若鐵鍋出現鏽斑,可以砂紙除鏽,並重新養鍋(上油保養)即可。