Japanese Oyakodon Pot & Lid


This is easy-to-use Japanese style Oyakodon pot series for quick boiling and simmering. The pot body is made of high-quality aluminum with excellent heat conductivity. The surface is hammered, so the heat will be distributed evenly and smoothly, which makes the food more delicious. The upright handle design is convenient for cooking. With this pot set, you can make the perfect Oyakodon easily!

- Size:
Pot 16.5 x H 2.2 cm (without handle, 400 ml)
Lid Φ16.5 cm, thickness 0.1 cm

- Material: Aluminum, Natural wood
- Made in Japan



- 尺寸:
鍋子 16.5 x H 2.2 cm (不含把手,400 ml)
蓋子 直徑 16.5 cm,厚度 0.1 cm

- 材質:鋁、天然木材
- 產地:日本