Kakomi Rice Cooker (IH Cooker)

As a simple yet functional cookware, Kakomi series is designed for sharing delicious experiences through cooking and dining together. This 1.2L rice cooker is perfect for highlighting fresh ingredients of the season. The rounded shape of the pot creates convection for each grain of rice to be cooked evenly. The double lid generates the right level of pressure to cook fluffy rice. It also prevents contents from boiling over. 

- Size: L 26 x W 21 x H 12 cm (8.3" Dia, 1.2 L)
- Material: Heat-resistant ceramic
- Made in Malaysia 
- Notes:
  • Compatible with 100V & 200V induction heater, gas stoves and halogen cooktops.
  • Microwave and oven safe. 
  • Do not use for deep frying. Do not heat without water. 
  • Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. 

燉飯鍋 (IH爐兼容)

日本KINTO Kakomi 系列打破市面上鍋爐的局限性設計,除了適用於瓦斯爐、黑晶爐,還可直接放在IH爐上加熱,甚至連烤箱、微波爐都能兼容,隨時都能享受土鍋烹飪的樂趣。此具有1.2L 容量的燉飯鍋是一款簡單且非常實用的炊具。圓潤的鍋形使每一顆米粒都能均匀加熱煮熟,雙蓋設計可產生適當的壓力來烹製蓬鬆可口的米飯,同時防止水蒸氣沸騰溢出。簡約的線條搭配經典白色或黑色,放在餐桌上優雅大方!

- 尺寸:L 26 x W 21 x H 12 cm (8.3" Dia, 1.2 L)
- 材質:耐熱陶瓷
- 產地:馬來西亞
- 注意事項:
  • 100V & 200V IH爐、瓦斯爐、黑晶爐、微波爐、烤箱可用
  • 請勿用於油炸,請勿空燒
  • 請勿用研磨性清潔劑或鋼絲刷