Laundry Color Transfer Prevention Sheets


This specially processed sheet can absorb water, dust, and pet hair from dark-colored clothes. It also prevents color transfer to other laundry items. With this product, you do not need to sort colors, patterns and white items. It is safe for babies clothes and people with sensitive skin. 

- Size: L 18.5 x W 12 x H 4 cm (30 sheets)
- Material: Viscose, Polyester
- Made in China
- How to use:

  1. Place the color transfer prevention sheet in the washing machine. Add laundry and detergent as normal.
  2. Be sure to wash new colored items separately at least once. 
  3. When there is not much colored laundry, add 1-2 sheets with 30L of water.
  4. When there is a lot of colored laundry, add 4-5 pieces with 50L or more of water.

中京醫藥品 日本衣物防染紙 30 入


- 尺寸:L 18.5 x W 12 x H 4 cm(30 入)
- 材質:黏膠纖維、聚酯纖維
- 產地:中國
- 使用方式:
  1. 請按照衣物的洗滌標示洗滌。
  2. 請務必將新的有色衣物單獨洗滌一次。
  3. 如果出現大量色素,可能無法完全吸收。特別容易褪色的物品,如牛仔褲和深色襯衫,請清洗兩到三遍。
  4. 少量彩色衣物,需用30L 水,可放1-2 張防染紙;當有大量彩色衣物,需用50L 或更多水,可放4-5張防染紙。