Laundry Detergent White Tablet


This popular Hotapa white is the world's first tablet detergent. Made of 100% natural materials from scallop shell ingredients, it has excellent disinfecting, antibacterial, and deodorizing effects. Each bag contains 40 tablets, you don't have to worry about measuring it. Just put 1-2 into the washing machine and it dissolves in water. This all-in-one cleanser not only cleans the clothes, but also removes mold from the washing tub. In addition, the water after use this tablet into the drain pipe help remove slime and prevent bad odors. Since it does not use surfactants or fluorescent agents, it is safe for kids and people with sensitive skin. 

- Package size: 7 x H 7.1 cm (40 tablets per pack)
- Material: Scallop shell calcined calcium, Baking soda, Carbonate, Citric acid, Vitamin C
- Made in Japan
- Notes: 

  • Put 1 tablets in 30L of water. 
  • If there is undissolved residue, reduce the amount of washing or place this product in the bottom of the washing tub before putting in the laundry. 

天然洗衣錠 40 粒

由日本抗菌株式會社研發製作,HOTAPA 抗菌清潔系列,將貝殼以高溫燒製成 PH 值約 11-12 之間的鹼性水溶液,不管病毒或細菌,只要 5 分鐘就能完美除菌,抗菌力相當強大!

簡單放一顆到洗衣機中就能幫衣物殺菌、除臭,更可以同時去除洗衣槽中的黴菌,一錠雙效超方便。成分中含果物酵素及維生素 C,可分解污漬並保護衣服顏色。由 100% 天然成分打造,堅持無化學活劑及螢光劑,寶寶或是皮膚敏感的人的衣物都能使用,更可以應用於手洗衣物中,將讓平常覺得煩躁的家事變得超輕鬆!

- 包裝尺寸:7 x H 7.1 cm(40 粒)
- 材質:扇貝殼燒製鈣、小蘇打、碳酸鹽、檸檬酸、維生素C
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:
  • 每 30 L 水量使用一粒,請直接放入洗衣槽。
  • 如有未溶解的殘留物,請減少洗滌量或將本產品放入洗衣桶底部,然後再放入衣物。