Laundry Machine Detergent Tablet


Made of 100% natural materials from scallop shell ingredients, this tablet cleanser has excellent disinfecting, antibacterial, and deodorizing effects. Each bag contains 100 tablets, just put 2-3 into the washing machine and the powder will not fly. It is mainly remove mold from the washing tub and keep the laundry fresh. In addition, the water after use this tablet into the drain pipe help remove slime and prevent bad odors. It can be used together with other laundry cleanser. 

- Package size: L 11 x W 3 x H 17 cm (100 tablets per pack)
- Material: Scallop shell calcined calcium, Vitamin C
- Made in Japan
- Notes: 
  • Put 2 tablets in 30L of water or 3 tablets in 50L of water.
  • If there is undissolved residue, reduce the amount of washing or place this product in the bottom of the washing tub before putting in the laundry. 


榮登日本雜誌版面、日本主婦最愛的 HOTAPA 洗衣機清潔錠,是你絕對要有的生活小物!以 100% 天然貝殼粉製成,可一次達到去污、除臭、抗菌、漂白、防霉五大功效,並在五分鐘內去除 99.9% 細菌,令洗衣機内以及水管都能煥然一新。無添加、無色無味、無香料的超單純成分,連敏感肌、兒童都可以安心使用,更含有維他命C,能有效防止霉菌生長,保護衣服不受傷害。

每包含100 粒,洗衣錠可與其他洗劑同時使用,只需丟入 2 粒,就可以把衣服和洗衣機真正洗乾淨,省時又省力,方便又安心!

- 包裝尺寸:L 11 x W 3 x H 17 cm(100 粒)
- 材質:扇貝殼燒製鈣、維生素 C
- 產地:日本
- 使用方式:

  • 請在 30 L 的水中放入 2 粒,若水量為 50 L,則需添加 3 粒。
  • 如有未溶解的殘留物,請減少洗滌量或將本產品放入洗衣桶底部,然後再放入衣物。