Organic Intimate Care Balm Macadamia+Oat


This is an award-winning multi-purpose intimate care balm, which helps moisturize, sooth and protect the vulva. It is 100% natural, fragrance-free, and dermatologically tested. Great to use as both a preventative an curative barrier to prevent dryness and chafing. It can be used as a perineal massage balm.  

Macadamia oil is a rich source of palmitoleic acid, which supports skin health and reduces inflammation. It is specially beneficial for mucous membranes. Oat oil helps maintain the skin's natural balance. 

- Size: 50 ml

- Ingredients: Organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) hybrid oil, Cera alba (beeswax), Macadamia integrifolia oil, Avena sative (oat) kernel oil, Tocopherol

- Made in Sweden

- Notes: 

  • Use as many times as needed.
  • Can use during menstruation and pregnancy.
  • Stop using if skin discomfort occurs.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and out of reach of children.

夏威夷果燕麥 私密潤唇霜

榮獲 2021 瑞典有機美容獎的這款私密乳霜,以 100% 天然且純素的配方打造,能溫和補充天然油脂,為私密肌敷上一層專屬面膜,讓你享受最保濕、彈潤的膚觸。


- 尺寸:50 ml
- 成分:有機向日葵混合油、蜂蠟、夏威夷堅果油、燕麥油、生育酚
- 產地:瑞典

- 使用方式:乾燥時取適量直接塗抹於肌膚上,亦可先塗抹些許護理油後,再塗抹潤唇霜增加滋潤效果。

- 注意事項:

  • 生理期跟懷孕期間可用。
  • 若皮膚有不適症狀,請立即停止使用,並諮詢專業醫師。
  • 限外用,請勿接觸陰道內。
  • 若不慎誤入眼睛,請立即以大量清水沖洗。
  • 請置於乾燥陰涼處,避免陽光直射及幼兒伸手不及之處。