Long Rectangle Shelf


Made of high-quality beech wood, this rectangular shelf with the handwritten lettering design brings a natural warm feeling to your home. The engraved saying "The most important ingredient is always love" adores this wooden shelf. It is sturdy and ideal as a functional decoration in the kitchen for your storage jars. Or put on the wall in the children's room for kids books and toys, showing the love and the deep meaning.

- Size: L 57 x W 10.8 x H 6 cm
- Material: Beech wood
- Made in Germany

多用途層板架 - 長型

德國品牌Eulenschnitt 的櫸木系列,優質木材且充滿細節及質感,一直都是非常熱賣的商品。此款長型層板架平穩堅固,上面刻有德文「最重要的成分永遠是愛」的銘文,很適合釘掛在廚房,當作收納罐的陳列架,並做出一道道充滿愛的美味料理。或者用於兒童房擺放童書和小玩具,讓居家佈置不僅是好看而已,還蘊含更深層的意義!

- 尺寸:L 57 x W 10.8 x H 6 cm
- 材質:山毛櫸木
- 產地:德國