Teapot Cleaning Sponge (2P)


From the Japanese brand MARNA, this powerful cleaning sponge has a surface processed with special resin, which can easily remove stubborn water stains and tea stains without using detergent. A set of 2 pieces, it is small size and easy to handle, most suitable for cleaning the stains on teapots and teacups. It is effective and can reduce the amount of detergent used, which is friendly to the environment.

- Size:  9.5 x W 7 x H 1.5 cm
- Material: Acrylic (single-sided/hard resin processing), Polyurethane
- Made in Japan

茶壺用小菜瓜布 (2入)

來自日本品牌 MARNA,這款廚房清潔得力小工具,表面經過特殊樹脂加工,不使用清潔劑也可以輕鬆去除頑強的水垢、茶垢。一組2入,小體積容易掌握,最適合用於清洗茶壺、茶杯口的污漬,功效強之餘更能減少清潔劑使用量,友善環境!

- 尺寸:L 9.5 x W 7 x H 1.5 cm
- 材質:丙烯酸(單面/硬樹脂加工)、聚氨酯
- 產地:日本

- 注意事項:
  • 擦拭易刮傷的物品時,請先在不明顯的地方測試再使用,並避免過度擦拭。
  • 因容易吸附油脂,使用後有時表面會變黑,但不影響使用。
  • 請避免放置火源旁或高溫處。
  • 使用後好好清洗,並放置通風處晾乾。若沾染難洗油漬,可使用少量清潔劑清洗乾净。