Merci Double Handle Cup


Merci means "thank you" in French. The relief is based on the image of plants growing from seed to flower, fruit to seed, and expresses gratitude for the daily blessings of the dining table. The four colors with different impressions make the table more dramatic depending on the colors and combinations you choose. With two cute handles on both sides, this cup is perfect for soups, salads, and desserts made with seasonal ingredients, making your dining table more special. It is also recommended as a set as a gift. 

- Size: L 13.8 x W 10 x H 5.8 cm (220 ml)
- Material: Porcelain
- Made in Japan
- Notes: 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • No oven or direct fire.
  • The glaze finish and texture might vary slightly. 

Merci 系列以植物為靈感,將種子長成芽苗,開花結果後又再度回到種子的意象,落成器皿上的浮雕紋樣。一個接一個的小圓形,像是蒲公英的種子毛球,而下方連接著充滿植物生命力的線條,象徵帶來活力與好運。共有四款顔色:略帶光澤感的白色,華麗卻不失清新雅緻;薄荷綠有雋永經典的古董味;檸檬黃的鮮豔,賦予了食材生動鮮活的香氣;淡粉則散發著溫暖柔和的氣息。

雙耳杯兩側有著可愛的小把手,視覺上增添了令人會心一笑的樂趣,放入水果、點心、沙拉或蔬菜湯,端上桌便是一道吸睛料理。特別推薦將 Merci 系列搭配成套送禮給親友,承載季節的禮讚,為特別的人點亮餐桌!

- 尺寸:L 13.8 x W 10 x H 5.8 cm (220 ml)
- 材質:白磁、磁器、炻器(studio m' 素材號碼 7)
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:洗碗機、微波爐可用,烤箱、直火不可用