Metal Spatula for Cast Iron Grills


This strong metal spatula is made of high-quality hardened stainless steel, perfect for cast iron skillets. With the precision beveled edge, it is your optimal choice for food release without scratching your grill pans. This spatula can not only turn the food easily, but also help scrape the residue when cleaning. Available in three size, it is recommended 90cm - 105cm for table use and 105cm - 120cm for stove use.

- Size: 
Small:  W 90mm x H 1mm x L 245mm (065004)
Medium: W 105mm x H 1mm x L 245mm (065005)
Large: W 120mm x H 1mm x L 270mm (065006)

- Material: Hardened stainless steel, Natural wood
- Made in Japan

燕三条 鐵板專用鐵鏟

如果你有購買大人的鐵板,Ema's Table 強烈建議一定要帶1-2把鐵鏟回家。不但可以輕鬆將食物翻面,清洗時,也只須在鐵板上倒入一些熱水,再用鐵鏟稍微刮一下鐵板,即可完成清理的動作,好用又方便!建議 90cm - 105cm 鐵鏟適合桌上使用;105cm - 120cm 適合在爐子上使用。

- 尺寸:
小 | 鏟寬: 90mm 厚度: 1mm 全長: 245mm (065004)
中 | 鏟寬: 105mm 厚度: 1mm 全長: 245mm (065005)
大 | 鏟寬: 120mm 厚度: 1mm 全長: 270mm (065006)

- 材質:高硬度不鏽鋼、櫸木 (每隻木柄為天然顏色稍微有差異)
- 産地:日本燕三条