Miffy Cutting Board


This cute Miffy board is made of natural paulownia wood, which dried quickly, making it an ideal material for cutting board. It is thick, so it can be also used as a tray to hold snacks, sandwiches, and other dishes. 

- Size: L 25 x W 17.5 x H 1.5 cm (10" x 7")
- Material: Paulownia wood
- Made in Japan


由天然泡桐木製成的 Miffy 砧板,遇水後可快速乾燥,是做砧板的理想材料。有厚度的設計,除了用來備料,也可以作為隔熱墊或托盤,盛裝點心、三明治、鐵鍋等料理,讓每一餐都有可愛小兔陪伴!

- 尺寸:L 25 x W 17.5 x H 1.5 cm (10" x 7")
- 材質:泡桐木
- 產地:日本