Mini Milk Pot Shape Bowl 2.5"


This is an adorable mini wooden bowl that shaped like a milk pot. It just like a container in the world of dwarfs in fairy tales, very interesting. It is made of beech woods, which is popular for its fine grain and small speckled pattern, and its pale and gentle colors. Wood kitchen tools tend to be avoided due to mold and difficulty in cleaning, but this bowl is easy to clean because it is coated with urethane. It will surely look cute if you arrange small portions of appetizers, desserts or snacks on it.

- Size: L 9 x W 6.3 x H 3 cm (2.5" Dia)
- Material: Beech wood (urethane coating) 
- Made in Vietnam
- Notes: No dishwasher, microwave or oven



- 尺寸:L 9 x W 6.3 x H 3 cm (2.5" Dia)
- 材質:山毛櫸木、聚氨酯塗層
- 產地:越南
- 注意事項:洗碗機、微波爐、烤箱不可用