Mino Ware Inoguchi Cup & Saucer 3.5"

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Inspired by textiles from various countries, the patterns of the Emerge series cup are nostalgic and relieved. You can touch and enjoy the gentle warmth of the recycled soil. This Mino ware cup has the perfect size and depth, which is usable for hot tea, Japanese sake, and even side dishes and desserts.

The simple white color saucer from the same series is small and exquisite. It can be used as a plate to hold seasonings, desserts, or as a lid. 

- Size: Cup 8.7 x H 7.1 cm (3.5" Dia, 220 ml), Saucer 9.1 x H 1.2 cm (3.5" Dia)
- Material: Pottery
- Made in Japan
- Notes: 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • No oven or direct fire. 
  • The glaze finish and texture might vary slightly. 




- 尺寸:豬口杯 8.7 x H 7.1 cm (3.5" Dia, 220 ml),小蓋碟 9.1 x H 1.2 cm (3.5" Dia)
- 材質:陶器
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:洗碗機、微波爐可,烤箱不可用