Crystal Stones

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These high-quality Montagne crystal stones can be used as replacement and used together with the Montagne wooden lamp holder. There are 7 kinds of crystal ores, each of them has its own meaning and power. Whether it is put into a nice glass bottle, a wooden board, or a ceramic container, it will become a beautiful and energetic decoration in any room. And let the good luck be always around you and your family.  

White (good luck), Green (wealth & trust), Pink (love & human relationship), Tea (health & beauty), Yellow (confident & gold luck), Purple (authority & career luck), Mixed color mixed (general luck)

- Size: 450 g (glass cup is not included)
- Made in Taiwan

水晶原礦 (7款)

有買過Montagne水晶燈座的朋友,若有需求也可以單買水晶原礦做置換,搭配專屬於自己的水晶能量場,自己的人生自己守護。共有七款原礦選擇,含有450 g的天然高品質Montagne水晶,每一種都有各自的寓意及能量,無論裝入精美玻璃瓶,還是搭配木板、陶瓷器皿做佈置,自由擺放在家裡各處或辦公室,將好運、好磁場圍繞身旁!

白水晶 | 通用補運 x 生財(新手入門款)
綠螢石 | 正財 x 信任(綠色招財最有效)
粉水晶 | 愛情 x 人際關係(桃花好人緣)
茶水晶 | 健康 x 美容安神 (質感超美觀)
黃水晶 | 自信 x 生財(自信帶給你財運)
紫水晶 | 權力 x 守護(生意人通用水晶)
七彩石 | 綜合 x 全效(多元效能一次擁有)

- 尺寸:450 g (不含杯子)
- 產地:台灣