Moulin Windmill Plate 6" & 8", Bowl 5"


"Moulin" means windmill in French. Inspired by a windmill turning briskly in the wind, this series features the gently undulating floral shape, with a radiating relief tightened by the two deep lines rhythmically arranged at equal intervals. Even the logo stamp on the back has the geometrical windmill-motif design. Available in two graceful colors, the yellow pottery material containing plenty of iron gives off a rustic and earthy feel. There are three sizes to choose from. The Moulin decorative tableware will be a breath of refreshing air for your usual table.

- Size: 
Large plate 21 x H 3.6 cm (8" Dia)
Small plate 15.5 x H 2.6 cm (6" Dia)

Bowl 12.4 x H 4.4 cm (5" Dia, 200 ml)

- Material: Pottery
- Notes:
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • No oven or direct fire.
  • The glaze finish and texture might vary slightly. 

Moulin在法文中意為風車,此系列器皿以風車輕快的轉動為設計靈感,透過伸展花卉形狀的盤緣,以及排列有序的輻射綫浮雕,為餐桌視覺帶來律動感,不僅外型獨特別緻,也能營造出華麗的效果。連背面的logo印章也是帶有風車的幾何形設計,令人驚喜。全系列共有三種尺寸,和米、紫兩色,材料上使用含鐵的黃土,呈現出陶器充滿溫度的質感。8寸大深盤非常適合主菜、義大利麵或湯品, 6寸小盤可以盛裝沙拉、小菜等副食,5寸小缽則可當作醬料、優格、冰淇淋的容器。Moulin系列裝飾感滿滿,為日常餐桌帶來別具一格的清新感!

- 尺寸:
大盤 21 x H 3.6 cm (8" Dia)
小盤 15.5 x H 2.6 cm (6" Dia)
小缽 12.4 x H 4.4 cm (5" Dia, 200 ml)

- 材質:陶器
- 產地:日本