Mountain Fuji Kaya Cloth


This cleaning cloth comes from Kaya, the only remaining mosquito net producing area in Japan. It is made of carefully woven mosquito net cloth and embroidered with the symbolic Mountain Fuji pattern. It has excellent water absorption, 1.3 times that of ordinary cotton, and dries quickly. There are many ways to use is, such as wiping hands, wiping dishes, draining vegetables, and cleaning kitchen counters. 

At first, because the glue is attached, it is hard and taut. But if you drop it with lukewarm water, it will shrink and become soft and fluffy. 

- Size: L 30 x W 30 cm
- Material: 100% Rayon
- Made in Japan


此款家事布來自日本蚊帳的主要產地奈良,是用精心編織的蚊帳布料製成,具有優異的吸水性,是普通棉質的 1.3 倍,而且乾燥快速,質地柔軟親膚。搭配於和歌山縣製作的精緻富士山刺繡,讓你每次使用都能感受滿滿的日式氛圍。用途相當多元的方巾,除了可以擦手、擦碗、擦桌子,亦能拿來瀝乾蔬菜或作為餐廚用具的遮布。使用後只需掛曬就能快速晾乾,功能性與美觀兼具!


- 尺寸:L 30 x W 30 cm
- 材質:100% 人造絲
- 產地:日本