Multi-Purpose Household Cleanser


Hi-Home multi-purpose cleanser is a user-approved, natural cleanser that contains high-quality soap made from coconut oil and natural cinnamic acid flowers. It is friendly to people and environment. It can be used widely on tableware, kitchen supplies, stainless steel products, clothing, carpets, furniture, shoes, bathtubs, toilets... to remove dirt, oil stains, tea stains, water stains, rust and burn marks. It can also be used for polishing glassware and metals such as gold, silver and copper. One bottle can do all!

- Size: 80 g / 400 g
- Material: Ingredients abrasive (50%), Silicate mineral, Surfactant (10% pure soap)
- Made in Japan
- Notes:

  • To clean general items, apply this product to a sponge or towel slightly moistened with water.
  • To clean metal objects, directly dip this product with a dry cloth or sponge to clean. Then wipe it off with a damp cloth, and wipe it dry. 
  • To clean cloth products, apply this product directly to the stain area, rub it slightly, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth or wash it off with water.



- 尺寸:80 g / 400 g
- 材質:研磨劑 50%、矽酸鹽礦物、界面活性劑(10% 純肥皂)
- 產地:日本

- 注意事項:

  • 清潔一般用品,請以濕抹布或海綿沾取本品,稍微搓揉後塗於欲去污處。
  • 清潔金屬物品,請用乾布或海綿直接沾取本品清潔,再以濕布拭淨。
  • 清潔布製品,請將本品直接塗於欲去污處,稍微搓揉後以濕布拭淨或清水洗淨。