Aveco Ceramic Coating Knife Set


These knives are made of high carbon stainless steel blade and treated with patent ecolon ceramic nonstick coating. The soft-grip handle brings ergonomic feel. The unique self-standing design makes it be placed down without touching the table, which is more hygienic and clean. The set includes a knife block and 4 knives of different sizes. They are multifunctional for peeling or cutting fruits, meats, and vegetables. 

- Size:
3.5" Yellow, 5" Red, 5" Purple, 6" White
Knife block L 23 x W 8 x H 21 cm

- Material: Stainless steel, Polyester
- Made in South Korea
- Notes: Dishwasher safe


來自 Neoflam 的刀具組,使用日本高碳不銹鋼製成,具有卓越的不沾黏特性,可輕鬆劃過食物,而不留下任何殘留物,清潔上也十分容易,更榮獲 2013 紅點設計大獎。彩色的握柄手感輕盈柔軟,是使用過一次就會愛上的親膚觸感。刀柄特殊的設計能在使用後直立於檯面,讓你的廚房更加乾淨、衛生。

全組內含一個刀座和4 把大小不同的刀,不同顏色的刀柄也方便區分,無論削皮或是切水果、生肉、蔬菜等食材,皆俐落順手。簡約的刀座外型搭配繽紛的把柄,放在廚房亮眼迷人,是款功能美觀兼具的廚具。

- 尺寸:
3.5" 削皮刀 
5" 多用途刀
5" 三德刀
6 " 多用途刀
刀座 L 23 x W 8 x H 21 cm

- 材質:不銹鋼、聚酯纖維
- 產地:韓國
- 注意事項:洗碗機可用