Fika Kitchen Scissors


These Neoflam kitchen scissors are designed to help you prepare food quickly and safely. Made of high quality stainless steel, the blades are shape and deliver highly precise cuts with minimal effort. The ergonomic comfort handle gives you smooth feeing cut every time, and fits in both hands. It is odorless and durable, and will be your great kitchen helper. 

- Size: L 26 cm
- Material: SUS420J1 Stainless steel (-20°C~100°C)、ABS PP (-20°C~65°C)
- Made in China
- Notes:
  • Keep away from fire sources to avoid product deformation.
  • Wipe dry immediately after washing and always keep dry.
  • The blade is sharp, please use it with care and keep it out of reach of children.


這把 Neoflam 食物剪刀,將長度、厚度、切面全面升級,切削力提升,處理大型食材也就更輕鬆省力。加大的人體工學握柄手感佳,不分右手、左手,任何大小的手皆適用,輕便好用,降低手部負擔。刀面使用 SUS420J1 不鏽鋼材質,鋒利且經久耐用,四角剪刀適合修剪食材邊邊角角或處理肉品,清洗簡易,衛生不發黴、不染色、不卡味,這把絕對是廚房料理剪刀的首選!

- 尺寸:L 26 cm
- 材質:SUS420J1 不鏽鋼 (耐熱 -20°C~100°C)、ABS 塑膠 (耐熱 -20°C~65°C)
- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:
  • 請遠離火源以免產品變形。
  • 清洗完畢後請立即擦拭乾淨,並保持乾燥。
  • 刀鋒銳利,請小心使用,並放置於兒童無法取得之處。