Silicone Long Chopsticks

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Made of food-grade silicone material, these chopsticks are hygienic, odorless, heat resistant, and environmental friendly. The non-stick design will not leave any mark or scratch on pans and pots. The 35 cm extended length prevents burning your hand when cooking deep frying dishes. They are reusable and durable for daily use in which they are safer than using disposable chopsticks.

- Size: 35 cm
- Material: Heat-resistant silicone (-20℃~220℃)
- Made in China (owned by Neoflam)
- Notes:

  • No microwave or oven. Keep away from fire sources to avoid deformation. 
  • Do not place in pot for high temperature cooking for a long time. 
  • Use soft sponge and neural detergent to clean. Do not use hard brush.


來自 Neoflam 的矽膠長筷,採用食品級安全矽膠材質製成,衛生耐高溫,無毒環保又健康。長度增加至35 cm,油炸、煮麵也不擔心燙手。不僅可以放洗碗機,可直接在陶瓷塗層的鍋具上使用,不怕刮壞。經典的配色搭配簡約的外形,是現代厨房同時兼具便利性與高顔值的好物!

- 尺寸:35 cm
- 材質:耐熱矽膠 (-20℃~220℃)
- 產地:中國

- 注意事項:

  • 請勿使用於微波爐、烤箱;遠離火源,避免產品變形
  • 此為烹飪時使用之調理器具,不可長時間放入鍋內高溫烹煮
  • 請使用軟性布或海綿與中性清潔劑清洗,勿使用鋼刷或粗糙之材質清洗避免刮傷;清潔完畢後,置於通風處晾乾即可