Non-Stick Pan Sponge


Made with metal particles outside and fine sponge inside, this cleaning tool can quickly remove dirt by using both the front and back sides. Since it is thin, it can be folded and used in a shape that is easy to wash. It is most suitable for non-stick pans and pots, and help save your energy and time to clean. 

The copper sponge contains copper microparticles, which has antibacterial properties. 

- Size
Silver L 14.4 x W 8.8 x H 1.8 cm
Copper L 14.3 x W 8.8 x H 2.2 cm 

- Material: Polyester, Nylon yarn, Urethane foam, Aluminum/Copper
- Made in Japan

京都活具 不沾鍋專用菜瓜布



- 尺寸:
銀 L 14.4 x W 8.8 x H 1.8 cm
銅 L 14.3 x W 8.8 x H 2.2 cm

- 材質:聚酯纖維、尼龍紗、聚氨酯泡沫、鋁/銅
- 產地:日本