Orange Crystal with Light Base


The Montagne crystals are 100% natural, high-quality, and all passed the gemstone identification. It is best to use together with the night light base, and it will become a beautiful and energetic decoration in any room. Enjoy its energy and let the good luck be always around you and your family!

Bright orange crystal envelops the sun, creating a ray that concentrates induced heat, igniting a sparkling fire for your motivation, inspiration and ambition. Orange crystal is suitable for people who need to increase their confidence and enthusiasm, stimulate creativity, and those who have big changes and make major decisions in their lives, bringing them blessings and good luck.

- Size: 10 x 10 cm
- Made in Taiwan
- Instructions:

  1. Simply clean the dust on crystals
  2. Put the crystals into the included glass cup 
  3. Drop the essential oil (not included) directly on the crystal stones. Recommended to use 3-5 drops at first, and then add more as personal preference 
  4. Turn on the base light, and press long to adjust the brightness

水晶擴香燈 - 橙晶鹽 靈感X野心 (不含精油)

台灣知名品牌 Montagne 的水晶,全取自於山嵐孕育的天然水晶,傾注最真實的能量,為生活招來穩定的力量,讓心情獲得平靜。皆通過寶石鑑定,品質有保證,搭配夜燈底座一起使用,自由擺放在家裡各處或辦公室,將好運、好磁場圍繞身旁!


- 尺寸:10 x 10 cm
- 產地:台灣
- 使用方法:

  1. 簡單清潔水晶石上的粉塵
  2. 將水晶放入附送的富士玻璃杯中
  3. 精油直接點入水晶上,建議先使用3-5滴,再依個人喜好加減(精油需自購)
  4. 開啓底座燈光,長按可調節亮度