Paw Patrol Bath Ball


The mascot comes out of the bath ball that makes kids be in a good mood every time they take a bath. Available in Paw Patrol cars or characters, there are 5 types of mascots and you do not know which one will appear. When the bath ball melts in the water, the little gift will come out. What a surprise! 

- Size: 70 g

- Style: Character (grape scent), Car (lemon scent)

- Made in China

- Notes:

  • Peel off the transparent film and slowly place it in a bathtub filled with war, water (approximately 200L).
  • If it does not suit your skin, please stop using it. 
  • Recommended for kids who are 12 years and older.
  • This product is not food. Please be careful not to drink it accidently. 
  • Do not use in marble or wooden baths as there is a risk of discoloration or deterioration.
  • This product has passed the toy safety inspection.

汪汪隊立大功 沐浴球



- 規格:70 g

- 款式:角色公仔(葡萄香味),救援小車(檸檬香味)
- 產地:中國

- 注意事項:

  • 撕開透明膠紙,把沐浴球放入溫水池中(約 200 L)溶化後,即可泡澡。
  • 本品為入浴劑,僅供外用,若有不適請停止使用,並詢問醫生。
  • 警告:內含小物件,不適合 12 歲以下兒童使用。
  • 不能食用,請在成年人的監護下正確使用。
  • 不適用大理石、木質浴缸,或引起染色或變質問題。
  • 本產品已通過玩具安全檢驗合格,請安心使用。