Pear Silicon Cup


This pear cup combines practically with a cute design. The stem and leave are specially designed as a straw, which is convenient for kids to use. Made of 100% silicone, it is safe and not afraid of breaking. Available in four soft colors, this cup has an easy-to-hold shape even for small children. Its lightweight size also makes it suitable to carry around.

- Size: 8.5 x H 13.5 cm
- Material: Silicon
- Made in China
Notes: Dishwasher safe. No microwave or oven. 



- 尺寸:8.5 x H 13.5 cm 
- 材質:100% 矽膠
- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:洗碗機可用,微波爐、烤箱不可用