Perigord Tumbler


This stylish and sturdy French tumbler is designed to be utilitarian yet beautiful, so it is great for both casual entertaining and everyday use. Ideal for water and fruit juice, you can also put it to use at the bar for cocktail hour.

- Size: 10.2 x H 8.4 cm (235 ml)
- Material: Glass

- Made in France


來自法國的La Rochere,擁有百年玻璃工藝。這款法式玻璃杯具有不倒翁造型設計,搭配厚實的底座,時尚美觀,堅固耐用,非常適合休閒娛樂和日常使用,連平常的一杯水或者果汁,都能帶出典雅的高品位。也特別適合家裏的小酒吧,陪伴你度過精緻休閑的雞尾酒時間!

- 尺寸:10.2 x H 8.4 cm (235 ml)
- 材質:玻璃
- 產地:法國
- 注意事項:玻璃模具壓制產品,會有模具接縫線或氣紋,為正常工藝痕跡