Pipe Cleaning Powder


This strong Hotapa pipe cleanser is for clogged hair, elimination of slime, disinfection and deodorization of drains. It is made of 100% natural materials from scallop shell ingredients, so it is antibacterial and does not generate toxic gases. One bottle can effectively clear all pipes of your house, such as sinks, bathrooms, and toilets. It is combined with a high-alkaline enzyme anti-clogging formula, which can dissolve sticky dirt and hair, decompose odor, and regularly maintain the pipes to prevent dirt from getting stuck. The decomposition effect will last for a long time. 

- Package size: 7.1 x H 11 cm (200 g)
- Material: Scallop shell calcined calcium, Percarbonate, Silicate, Enzyme
- Made in Japan
- Notes:  Use the attached spoon to sprinkle 2 heaped scoops (about 12 g) into the pipe for each use, leave for 6 hours or more, and rinse with plenty of water. 


天然、環保、有效的超強「Hotapa 水管清潔粉」,一次達到除垢疏通、防霉消臭、抗菌清潔三大效果,1 罐就可疏通全家管道,浴室、洗手台、馬桶、廚房水槽等水管皆適用!由日本 100% 天然貝殼粉製成,5 分鐘就能除病毒、細菌,搭配高鹼性酵素防堵配方,可溶解黏垢毛髮、分解異味,定期養護管道不卡垢!

- 包裝尺寸:7.1 x H 11 cm (200 g)
- 材質:扇貝殼燒製鈣、過碳酸鹽、矽酸鹽、酶
- 產地:日本
- 使用方式:使用內附的專用量匙,1 次 2 匙(約 12 g)灑入排水孔中,靜置 6 小時以上,再以充足的清水沖洗。