Plant Pot 211 with Stand


With a sleek stand and a textured rounded shape, this simple pot fits effortlessly into a modern interior. The raised stand that gives plants extra height and attention. Available in two sizes and two colors, you can combine different heights for a dynamic effect. The pot has a hole at the bottom, so plants can be watered without moving the pot, by placing a vessel underneath. After the water has completely drained out, you can attach the silicone cap to catch extra water droplets. The cushions to the tip of the legs prevent scratches on the contact surface. It is overall a good-looking and functional plant pot.  

- Size: 
Small 13.5 x H 14.7 cm, Stand L 13.7 x W 11.6 x H 14.5 cm
Large 16.2 x H 17.3 cm, Stand L 16.5 x W 13.7 x H 18.8 cm

- Material: Ceramic, Zinc alloy
- Made in China



- 尺寸:
小 13.5 x H 14.7 cm, 支架 L 13.7 x W 11.6 x H 14.5 cm
大 16.2 x H 17.3 cm, 支架 L 16.5 x W 13.7 x H 18.8 cm

- 材質:瓷器、鋅合金
- 產地:中國