Industrial Tray


This tray has a rustic atmosphere while keeping the texture of iron as it is. There is a brand logo engraved in the middle, which makes it look more stylish. Available in two shapes, it is perfect for storing small items like coins, keys, pends and notepads. It is also recommended as a tray for aroma diffusers. 

- Size: 
Oval L 19 x W 9.3 x H 1 cm
Rectangle L 21 x W 10 x H 1 cm

- Material: Steel
- Made in India
- Notes: Keep it dry to avoid causing rust.



- 尺寸:
橢圓 L 19 x W 9.3 x H 1 cm
長方 L 21 x W 10 x H 1 cm

- 材質:鋼鐵
- 產地:印度
- 注意事項:請勿放置於潮濕處以避免生鏽