Quinn Everyday Glass


The Quinn everyday glass has a beautiful archival form, elongated and elevated for a very modern feel. It is mouth-blown from a centuries-old glassworks, and special unlike any you've held. The optic bowl artfully captures the light, playfully reflecting it back, while the elegant stem fits effortlessly in your hand. Available in 7 colors, these are glasses that demand to be savored every day of the week, perfect for water, juice, and desserts.

- Size: W 3" x H 7" (set of 2, 12 oz each)
- Material: Mouth-blown lead-free crystal
- Made in Czech Republic
- Notes: Hand washing recommended


由捷克鄉村一間百年玻璃工廠製作,這款手工吹製玻璃杯是你不曾看過的絕美設計。帶有整齊紋路起伏的光學玻璃面,可巧妙捕捉及反射光線,創造出獨特的色澤效果。優雅的杯柄,能完美融入手的形狀,舒適握起。共有 7 款顏色選擇,適合盛裝水、果汁、甜點等佳餚,如此精湛的玻璃工藝,值得你細細品味、玩賞!

- 尺寸:W 3" x H 7" (每盒2入, 每個 12 oz)
- 材質:口吹無鉛水晶
- 產地:捷克
- 注意事項:建議手洗