Quinn Pitcher


The Quinn pitcher has a unique archival form, which elevates for a very modern feel. The graceful lines swirl around this pitcher, giving it a delicate look. With the big handle and spout design, it can be easily held and poured. Available in 6 beautiful transparent colors, this pitcher is pretty enough to be on display when it is not busy serving up your favorite drink. 

- Size: W 6.5" x H 10.75" (61 oz)
- Material: Mouth-blown lead-free crystal
- Made in Czech Republic
- Notes: Hand washing recommended


由捷克鄉村一間百年玻璃工廠製作,這款手工吹製玻璃瓶是你不曾看過的絕美設計。此水瓶共有 6 款美麗顏色,優雅的線條圍繞著瓶身,精緻華麗卻同時給人堅固的感覺,大大的握把與嘴口,讓你能更方便不費力地倒出飲用。就算沒有盛裝飲品,如此精湛的藝品,也值得你擺放在家中展示,瞬間提升空間高貴質感!

- 尺寸:W 6.5" x H 10.75" (61 oz)
- 材質:口吹無鉛水晶
- 產地:捷克
- 注意事項:建議手洗