Rabbit Baby Cookware Set


With a pink cute design, this Rabbit cookware set includes pan, wok, and steamer, lid with the same diameter, which can be freely combined for different needs. It uses patented ecolon ceramic coating, which is non-toxic, non-stick, and easy to clean. It conducts heat quickly to save time and energy. Comes with a steamer, so that you can steam and boil at the same time. Get this bundle of cuteness and make the delicious food at home. It can satisfy from baby food to daily cooking. 

- Size:
Milk Pan L 32.5 x W 16 x H 9 cm (1500 ml)
Petit Wok L 32.5 x W 16 x H 5.5 cm (960 ml) 
Steamer 16 x H 5.5 cm
Lid 16 x H 6 cm

- Material: Special alloy containing titanium with ceramic coating, Tempered Glass, Silicone, Wood, Stainless steel

- Made in China (owned by Neoflam)
- Notes:

  • Compatible with electric, halogen, IH cooker, and gas stove top.
  • Dishwasher safe. No microwave or oven. 
  • Use soft sponge and neutral detergent to clean, no metal abrasives. 


可愛又好用的 Neoflam 小兔系列,一組幫你備齊炒鍋、湯鍋、蒸籠、鍋蓋,同一直徑可自由組合,多種變化,所有家常料理都能用這套搞定,還有超萌的立體兔子陪你下廚,為烹飪增添樂趣!

鍋內外採用天然陶瓷環保塗層,不含有害重金屬、PFAS,比一般材質更容易清洗。不挑爐具,用途廣汎;鍋身導熱快,讓料理更省油、更健康。蒸籠以 304 不鏽鋼打造,可同步進行蒸煮;湯鍋有雙向導流設計,並以矽膠材質包覆握把,讓你輕鬆倒湯不燙手。小巧實用,從寶寶輔食到大人的料理都能滿足,十分方便!

- 尺寸:
湯鍋 L 32.5 x W 16 x H 9 cm (1500 ml)
炒鍋 L 32.5 x W 16 x H 5.5 cm (960 ml)
蒸籠 16 x H 5.5 cm
鍋蓋 16 x H 6 cm

- 材質:
蒸籠|SUS304 不鏽鋼

- 產地:中國

- 注意事項:

  • 此商品導熱快速,建議使用小火,大小勿超過鍋面,以免延燒手把造成手把變色
  • 可適用於瓦斯爐、電爐、鹵素爐、黑晶爐、電磁爐
  • 洗碗機可用,微波爐、烤箱不可用
  • 不適用鐵刷及含金屬的菜瓜布,建議使用海綿或精緻鍋具專用菜瓜布清洗