Rectangular Double-Sided Tray


This tray is reversible so that you can use both sides. One side is black color, and the other is red, creating two table styles. The rectangular shape is big enough to easily place bowls, plates and side dishes, creating a rich plating. The slightly raised edge can prevent the meals from slipping during delivery. It is suitable for personal and commercial use, adding an authentic Japanese restaurant style to the dishes. 

- Size: L 36 x W 26 x H 1.5 cm (14" x 10")
- Material: ABS resin, Urethane coating
- Made in Japan



- 尺寸:L 36 x W 26 x H 1.5 cm (14" x 10")
- 材質:ABS 樹脂、聚氨酯塗層
- 產地:日本