Reunir No. 9 Clay Pot


"Reunir" in French refers to getting together. Available in classic white and black colors, this is an easy-to-use clay pot that has a large capacity and two sturdy handles. You could have some quality time with family or friends by putting this big pot over a burner in the center of the table, and enjoy the yummy Chinese-style hot pot, Japanese shabu, cheese hot pot, tomato hot pot, and more. It can be used to steam vegetables by adding an Albert steamed plate. 

- Size: L 34.5 x W 27.7 x H 15.4 (without lid 9.8) cm (11" Dia, 2700 ml)
- Material: Heat-resistant ceramic
- Made in Japan
- Notes:
  • Gas stove, oven, and microwave safe.
  • No IH induction cooker or dishwasher.
  • The glaze finish or texture might vary slightly. 

能在餐桌上頻繁登場亮相的 Reunir 9 號,是款處處令人滿意的土鍋。寬大的雙邊鍋把,就算戴著隔熱手套也能穩固握取,圓潤的曲線及鍋身連接把手處的斜上弧度,即使盛滿豐富食材與湯汁的土鍋頗具重量,也能安心地端取移動。



- 尺寸:L 34.5 x W 27.7 x H 15.4 (不含蓋 9.8) cm (11" Dia, 2700 ml)
- 材質:耐熱陶瓷
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:
  • 可用於瓦斯爐直火、烤箱、微波爐,不可使用IH烹調爐、洗碗機
  • 此款土鍋使用粒子較粗的土質製成,因此表面及邊緣處會有凹凸的現象