Rosette Tea Infuser


Inspired by the concentric knot on traditional Korean clothing, this tea infuser has a delicate and elegant appearance. The right length and curvature allow the handle to be perfectly placed on the cup. Put in tea leaf or dried fruits, and then enjoy a cup of your favorite tea. After use, you can just put the infuser into the small flower plate, without dripping everywhere. 

- Size: L 11 x W 5 x H 5.5 cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Made in South Korea 
- Notes:

  • No dishwasher, microwave, oven, or direct fire.
  • The glaze finish or texture might vary slightly. 
  • Since the product is hand-made after the order is placed, the waiting time may take a little longer.



- 尺寸:L 11 x W 5 x H 5.5 cm
- 材質:陶瓷
- 產地:韓國
- 注意事項:

  • 洗碗機、微波爐、烤箱、直火不可用
  • 產品為職人手作,下單才製作,等待時間稍長,可以接受者再購買