Self Feed Kids Fork & Spoon Set


Parents are busy with child raising every day. But for children, daily learning and communication are challenges. If you want your children to have a sense of achievement and to make progress, you need some good tools to assist them.

This kid’s self feeding set includes a fork, a spoon, and a box for easier storage and convenient for going out. The special grooves on the fork prevent noodles from falling off easily. The spoon with a flat edge helps to scoop soup or rice completely. The corners and depth of the spoon are devised and the tongue feels great when put in the mouth. The curved handle design offers a stabilized grab, which is nice and comfortable for small hands. And the bright colors make the child appetite. With this utensil set, children can enjoy eating with their own power. 

- Size: L 14 x W 2.6 x H 1.3 cm 
- Material: Polypropylene, Stainless
- Recommended age: 18 months and up
- Made in Japan




- 尺寸:L 14 x W 2.6 x H 1.3 cm 
- 材質:聚丙烯,不銹鋼
- 建議使用年齡:18個月或以上
- Made in Japan