Ceramic Cooking Knife Peeler Set


This stylish and easy-to-use cooking knife and peeler set is a 2020 new design. Since the blade is ceramic, it is very hard and has a long sharpness. There is no objectionable metal odor, so the flavor of the ingredients is not impaired. The wood grain handles look beautiful and are comfortable to hold. The side of the peeler is equipped with a digging design, which helps to remove the bad parts of potatoes and fruits. And a small grinding blade is added for scraping garlic. This multifunctional knife set will be a great helper in your busy kitchen life.

- Size:
Cooking knife L 27 x W 4.5 cm
Fruit knife L 20 x W 2.5 cm
Peeler L 12.5 x W 8 cm 

- Material: Zirconia, Ceramic, Polypropylene
- Made in China
- Notice:
  • Be careful not to cut hard objects.
  • Not suitable in the dishwasher.



- 尺寸:
料理刀 L 27 x W 4.5 cm
水果刀 L 20 x W 2.5 cm
削皮器 L 12.5 x W 8 cm 

- 材質:氧化鋯,陶瓷,聚丙烯
- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:

  • 請勿切割硬物
  • 洗碗機不可用